Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours!

Wagon Wheel

Catnip and polk in the foreground.

At first I thought it was a mini two-headed monster

I went to hang up a shovel and saw orange with eyes on both ends. In the photo I count 8 orange legs...I don't know what it is but nature generally identifies things to stay away from with caution colors.
The black spider it's eating was not as lucky.

Priscilla's a very slinky girl!

Foghorn Leghorn and I watched with great interest as Priscilla the Snake made her way to her snoozing box.
I am betting she's the one who donated her skin to be photographed further down on this page...but NO, I did not pick up the snake to measure it!


Sunrise over the Big Barn

Gretta on the Front-End Loader

Antique Manure Cart

Deere in the Brush

Baby Skunk in the Chicken House

Imagine my surprise!
She didn't threaten to spray and the chickies walked by her carefully without any problems either.


Holy Smokes is this Snake Big!

In the foreground, is the head.
Here's the tail

Now this is just a snake skin, they shed as they grow.
What's unique is this skin is intact from the tip of its nose, to the tip of its tail!
It's a black snake and the skin is 5 foot, 6 inches long.

These are the layer boxes in the chicken house.
Black snakes are notorious for eating eggs but this nice snake left me three eggs.
I think he's more interested in the mice who like chicken i'll consider him my friend!

Guard Duty

Foghorn Leghorn oversees the ladies (Barred Rocks) foraging in a horse pen.

Dinosaur Tracks?

Nah, just those darned chickens...

Word Travels Fast!!!

When the eats are good, ya gotta tell your kin--especially when the nice lady will let you out when you're finished eating...


Guess Who Fell in the Grain Bin Last Night

They slept in until nightfall and then crawled up a rope i put in for their escape.


God's Country